August 6th - 14th 2016

Pittenweem Arts Festival

Our 2015 Festival began on Thursday September 25th at Kellie Castle with the first happening of this project.


Tim Fitzpatrick and The Red Field will be creating a series of events and happenings throughout 2014, continuing in 2015 and culminating in a large event during the week of the 2015 Festival. As Tim explains:


1878 and a series of inexplicable visions will focus on Kellie Castle and, in particular, a night in September 1878 when the Lorimer family spent their first night there.


One of the Lorimer children, Louise, wrote of her memories of a crumbling castle, taken over by rooks and owls, and how years of nesting in the chimneys had ended up with the nest material coming out of the fire places and "reaching out into the rooms".



On September the 25th we got the project under way - in a small way - by gathering up lots of sticks, twigs and feathers and building a creation inspired by that first sight encountered by Louise and family. We used the main fire place in the drawing room and the piece remained in place for a few days - with an explanation for other visitors!

Tim Fitzpatrick took us through Kellie Castle on March 27th, a journey that focussed Kellie's broad chronology on the year 1878, its events and one girl, Louise Lorimer. Tim, working with local artists Davey SIm and Hilke MacIntyre, along with Red Field and a good few others, transformed the castle which was opened to us visitors that evening.

The floodlit castle with the moon shining through the trees, silent of their crows, made a striking opening.


In the drawing room, where the journey started, there were new additions to a bureau, whilst other featured items were on display, all relating to events of 1878.

Feargus Hetherington on violin and Edward Cohen on fortepiano performed Tchaikovsky’s Souvenir d’un lieu cher of 1878.

And so the journey continued, through the low-lit rooms, culminating in our intrusion into the room with the sleeping Louise.

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