Arts Festival

August 4th - 12th 2018

A celebration of the visual arts taking place in galleries homes studios and other venues throughout Pittenweem

Invited artist Glen Onwin



Night Sea Journey


Spontaneous Generation


From formlessness to a study of a salt marsh near Dunbar...


explorations of the basic substance of salt and its meaning both physical and psychological...


the increasing changes to our planet’s subtle ecology brought about through human activity...


from earth, air, fire and water, from Hydrogen to element 118 Ununoctium...

In my creative practice I am interested in exploring the means by which we have attempted and still attempt to understand and derive meaning from the physical world we inhabit and its relationship to the cosmos.

This selection of work returns to some of the themes I have explored over the years, in bodies of work such as: The Recovery of Dissolved Substances; Revenges of Nature; Flammable Solid Flammable Liquid; A Chamber of the Moon; Of Nature’s Obvious Laws and Processes in Vegetation.