Pittenweem Arts Festival  

August 3 - 11 2019

A celebration of the visual arts taking place in galleries, homes, studios and other venues throughout Pittenweem

Glen Onwin  Invited Artist 2018 (second left) hanging exhibition

Old Town Hall exhibition space

Lucy Dunce Invited Artist 2018 with Festival Patron Ming Campbell

  • Sophia Pauley Bursary Award  2018

Exhibition by Dugald Macinnes Invited Artist 2014

Ming Campbell Festival Patron with Invited Artist Derek Robertson 2018

Exhibition by Glen Onwin Invited Artist  2018

Festival visitors

Graham Rich Invited Artist 2017 with friends, hanging exhibition

Exhibiting Artists 

There are well over 100 artists, displaying their work throughout the village: mainly in houses but also in garages, halls, sheds and really anywhere that has a place to hang or place artwork.


This is the surprising and endearing feature of the Festival, to come across  art presented in a house or in a normally featureless garage  Here it is, an array of landscapes, an explosion of colour in textiles, a selection of paintings or a collection of fine-worked jewellery. Because you’re not in a formal gallery, it’s actually easier to appreciate the artist’s work and you’ll have the opportunity to talk with the artist.

Invited Artist Glen Onwin’s exhibition 2018

Bursary Award

Our highly -successful scheme to promote beginning artists and provide them with an unequalled opportunity to exhibit, goes from strength to strength.


We provide a venue for the exhibition and  a sizeable cash sum to cover all costs.


With this kind of support and the recognition of the award, beginning artists have  the opportunity to exhibit their work and because it’s Pittenweem with the large number of visitors, they have a chance to meet with prospective buyers and promote their art.

Uhmlanga Seafront Sophia Pauley 2018 Bursary Award

Invited Artists

Our yearly invitation to several internationally known and respected artists has resulted in acclaimed and innovatory shows. 


Our Invited Artists leave the art circuit to mount and curate the show themselves. They have a free hand to select and display  work they have chosen or created specially for Pittenweem.


This results in comments from Graham Rich naming his 2017 show as his best and Glen Onwin in 2018 saying: a fairly complex install as I expected but I have enjoyed it greatly.


This year we are excited to have: 


  • Calum Colvin 
  • Line Mortensen
  • Myer Halliday

Paul Furneaux (r) 2017 Invited Artist giving a mokuhanga, Japanese printing workshop

Events & Workshops 

These can take a bit longer to get organised but we have a fair number lined up. There’s a summary of what’s taking place on the Events page.

Pittenweem on the May

Scottish Natural Heritage, who are responsible for the May, contacted us  with  a proposal: would we like to organise an exhibition on the Isle of May, in the lighthouse? Well, OF  COURSE!


The proposal is now being put into effect with about 30 artists, who are all from Pittenweem, contributing  to an exhibition that will run from May to September.

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