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A celebration of the visual arts taking place in galleries, homes, studios and other venues throughout Pittenweem

Bruce Shaw


Water Ice Water

Water, Ice, Water, elements that impact on the environment, where in a state of flux they combine to erode and create ephemeral abstract forms and changes in the strata and land that create its own sense of time and place genius loci.

John Scott

Both Naked Raku and Copper Matt firings have an element of surprise and so I make highly controlled forms that allow the unpredictable nature of these firing methods to enhance the pots and give them a visual energy. Experience dictates which forms work best with which techniques.

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Kirsty Stewart

Kirsty Stewart is a Fife based jewellery designer maker using traditional craftsmanship combined with contemporary design to produce her beautifully hand-crafted jewellery collection. She combines precious metals with both precious and semi-precious stones to incorporate colour into her work. Birds, in particular their flight and feathers, inform her work. 

Margaret Smith

Margaret's traditional style makes her paintings instantly recognisable. This year, her work includes landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and flowers.

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Sandy Smith

Sandy's love of wood turning remains as strong as ever. As always, his much sought after items showcase the natural beauty of wood with every piece unique and very affordable.

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Gill Smith

Gill Smith

Gill Smith water colour paintings inspired by nature and her immediate surroundings. Also cards, prints and giftware featuring her work. Gill has exhibited from the RSW annual exhibition to galleries throughout the U.K. and Europe.

St Andrews Photographers

An exhibition by local photographers who want to share their insight into the amazing diversity of landforms, seascapes, plant & animal life to be found in Scotland & further afield. We have a range of framed & mounted photographic art, as well as cards, for you to browse.

Marjory Sime

Atmospheric landscapes and seascapes with a bold use of texture and colour. The venue is located on the picturesque West Shore and is not to be missed. Come on in for a warm welcome!

Fiona Sturrock

Fiona has an interest in the old and new, the past and the present, and how these function together within the same space. She chooses subjects with a history, or a simple vintage charm. Working mainly in acrylics, she paints from a mixture of life scenes, landscapes, photographs and imagination.

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Benjamin Silk

Woodworker Ben Silk creates stunning wooden gifts and practical art. His current work combines vintage glass and earthenware with wood that is full of natural character, often locally sourced. The venue also features examples of Ben’s bespoke carpentry services.

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John M Smith

John uses a wide variety of local hardwoods to create bowls and platters that are both functional and beautiful. The desire is to accentuate the grain and bark of the wood. Examples of ash, oak, beech, laburnum, yew and spalted beech will be on display.

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Alan Stephens

Paintings in oils of landscapes, seascapes and people, capturing the patterns and shapes of nature.

Lys Stevens

Pop in for a blether and a wee wander round my paintings of animals, landscapes and still life.

Moyra Stewart

Moyra’s ceramic sculptures are inspired by the geology of Scotland and seem more like stone than clay. Years of experience in the difficult medium of Raku is apparent in the intricate patterns and organic forms of her work. To celebrate 10 years at Pittenweem Arts Festival she will demonstrate Raku Firing at Ovenstone 109 on Friday 9th August. 

Howard Stevens

Howard Stevens is delighted to exhibit his quirky East Neuk harbour scenes at Pittenweem 2019, and of course, to meeting friends, old and new at the venue at the top of Water Wynd.

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Margaret L Smyth

Gravity defying dancers sail through Mediterranean skies and mournful submariners follow the fish beneath the seas, all in pursuit of the unseen and driven by their dreams. 


Nancy Turnbull

This will be Nancy’s fifth year at Pittenweem.  She enjoys painting the Scottish landscape in all seasons and weather. The ruggedness of the seashores of  the  West Coast and the islands contrast well with the soft tones and cloud effects of Fife. It is always a challenge to try to capture the true essence of the landscape with paint and canvas.

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Louise Turnbull

As time goes on, Louise's work only gains in beautiful simplicity and auspiciousness. It seems she has distilled even more the essence of her surrounding world. Trees, coastline, rivers and hills are bought to our attention in all their fiery rawness. Fierce, potent, alive, Louise's work never fails to inspire.

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Karen Trotter

As puffins weave amid sanguine reflections of the iconic Forth Bridge, mackerel reawaken the gritty skin of grinder-discs cast from its inception.Karen’s odyssey launched from a wedding on the Queensferry shores; after exploring the world’s most dangerous waters, her kayak is safely moored in a haven of inspirational treasures.

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TiliabytheSea: Unfortunately Nicole has had to cancel

TiliabytheSea was founded by Nicole Lind in Cupar Fife with the ideal of creating sea glass jewellery that could be worn with pride anywhere and for any occasion. Sourced from Scotland's coasts, each piece of sea glass and pottery is carefully selected and matched to create unique and individual pieces for you.

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Gina Wright

It is the depth of feeling and emotion I have experienced, that I want to convey in my art, regardless of subject. Pastel and oils suit my approach and enable me to work spontaneously. I love the fact that painting is a never-ending journey of discovery.

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Karen Wright

Drawing inspiration from my love of the Scottish countryside, I use driftwood collected whilst dog-walking, reclaimed wood, shells, recycled textiles and old beads, to create scenes reminiscent of the Scottish West Coast and the East Neuk of Fife. Every piece is a unique, quirky piece. My silver sentiment necklaces, with vintage beads and charms, are both meaningful and fun.

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James & Caroline Ward

This exhibition includes James Brent Ward’s eclectic objects and jewellery crafted from gold, silver and refractory metals. Caroline makes shell art and necklaces from semi-precious stones.

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Emma Jo Webster

Emma Jo is a professional colourist tapestry weaver based in Glasgow, who specialises in handwoven portraits and magical colour abstracts woven on magician’s rope!

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Nicola Wiltshire

A former Bursary Award Winner in 2017, Nicola presents her latest series of colourful and striking oil paintings on fabric. Her recognisable style combines rich colour combinations and bold outlines in paintings inspired by people, the landscape and still life.

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Ann Watson

I work from my home studio in St Monans, and my art is about colour texture and energy. Living by the sea influences my work and I try to capture the local area in a semi abstract manner.

Julie H Winter

Working with a light touch and rich oil colour, Julie paints landscapes from her original sketches, often working outdoors; capturing a fleeting moment. Worldwide travels have turned to worldwide sales for this adventure seeking artist.

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Tracy Wilson

Tracy Wilson’s jewellery has been inspired by sound wave patterns. Each piece is hand crafted with individual lengths of sterling silver wire soldered together, which are then shaped and formed into unique items of jewellery.  They combine structure and a sense of movement and are enhanced by gold and oxidisation.

Claire Wills

Claire Wills  has a (BA Hons) in Fine Art and is a Scotland-based contemporary artist. Most recently Claire has been focusing on landscapes and seascapes, often inspired by the many pretty towns and villages of Scotland. Colour, texture, and pattern are important qualities in her work.

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Frances E Wilson

The most remote Northerly isle of Unst, its moody, contrasting, ever-changing atmospheres, from serenely peaceful, to the majestic velocity and spindrift of raw, powerful, exploding  storms, and the exquisite, diaphanous  refinement of the locally knitted cobweb lace  -  inspiration for the surf-like pattern -texture and dynamic in the porcelain forms.

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Liz Yule


Drama and contrast expressing changeable light conditions and effects of weather on the landscape are Liz's main theme this year. Her usual mix of acrylic and watercolour paintings are sure to captivate your imagination and help you see familiar scenes in a new exciting way.

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Georgie Young

'Georgie Young is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and paints mainly contemporary Scottish landscapes. She paints primarily in acrylic using a bold palette and layer upon layer of rich textures. For many years Georgie lived, and painted in Ayrshire. She now divides her time between Edinburgh and Pittenweem. 

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As more artists’ entries come in, these pages are continually updated.

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