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Sunday April 12th

The Sleeping Louise: Part 1


Tim Fitzpatrick took us through Kellie Castle on March 27th, a journey that focussed Kellie's broad chronology on the year 1878, its events and one girl, Louise Lorimer. Working with local artists Davey SIm and Hilke MacIntyre, along with a good few others, the castle which was opened to us visitors that evening, became a familiar scene, now transformed by their artistry.


The floodlit castle with the moon shining through the trees, silent of their crows, made a striking opening.


In the drawing room, where the journey started, there were new additions to a bureau, then other featured items were on display, all relating to events of 1878.



It was here that Feargus Hetherington on violin and Edward Cohen on fortepiano performed Tchaikovsky’s Souvenir d’un lieu cher of 1878.


It became less easy to make your way around as further rooms were darkened with low-key displays found on various desks and tables.


Not everywhere was careful manoeuvring, though sometimes you had to get quite close.



And the culmination was...the Sleeping Louise. Difficult to make out maybe, but closer inspection revealed, a real Louise.



Wednesday April 8th



Tuesday March 17th


Pittenweem Artists and Galleries Weekend

3rd-6th April   

At the last count there were twelve artists and galleries signed up for the weekend.


Backgate Gallery    The Coach House Pittenweem    Cobalt Contemporary 

Nelson Gallery    One Mid Shore    Ovenstone Artists


Macolm Cheape    Tim Cockburn    Heather Cunningham

Poppy Cyster    Barbara Fleming    Marlene Patrick


Don't worry, they'll be there but unfortunately we don't have images yet from all of them. They must be totally immersed in preparing a splendid show for your visit...




Click on Poppy's image for more details





Click on the map below to get a downloadable version; venues will also have copies

 Tuesday March 16th 2015

The latest in the progress of Tim Fitzpatrick's odyssey of the awakening of Louise.

Fresh from last year’s Fragments Project, The Red Field is preparing to launch its new major collaboration for 2015 with the Pittenweem Arts Festival and The National Trust for Scotland, Scotland’s leading conservation charity.

The new work takes its inspiration from a small moment in history to create a new and highly imaginative response to Kellie Castle and its past.

The Sleeping Louise is a one-night, art installation, which explores this moment in objects, light, performance art and voice. All of this alongside a performance of Tchaikovsky’s extraordinary Souvenir d’un lieu cher of 1878 by Feargus Hetherington on violin and Edward Cohen on fortepiano.

On a day in September 1878 the Lorimer family arrived at Kellie castle for the first time: a castle that had been uninhabited and abandoned for nearly 100 years.

Louise Lorimer, the youngest daughter, was 17 years old and, in imagining a castle to be sleeping and waiting for an awakening, this artwork imagines another Louise - The Sleeping Louise – and that she too is waiting for an awakening: waiting for herself.

Through many of the rooms of the castle, the world of 1878 will seem increasingly strange and a series of visions will draw the audience ever deeper into a moment in time. In the midst of this strange world and through these inexplicable visions, Louise will sleep on.

The Sleeping Louise will be the first of a series of events for the Pittenweem Arts Festival of 2015. These events will all come together in a single form and under the project banner of 1878 and an inexplicable series of visions.

Kellie Castle near Pittenweem  Friday the 27th of March


Doors open at 7.15 pm: last entry at 8.00 pm.

Tickets: £12 

On sale at:

The Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther

The Smoke Fired Whole Foods Shop, 11 High Street North, Crail

The Cocoa Tree Cafe, 9 High Street, Pittenweem

The Byre Theatre box office, Abbey Street, St Andrews

Ticket reservations by email: click here


Go to The Red Field website for more details: click on image below


Monday January 27th

1878 and a series of inexplicable visions

Our 2015 Festival began on Thursday September 25th at Kellie Castle with the first happening of this project.

Tim Fitzpatrick and The Red Field will be creating a series of events and happenings throughout the remainder of this year, continuing in 2015 and culminating in a large event during the week of the 2015 Festival.

If you click on the image, that will take you to the Red Field site, where it's all explained in more detail. Tim expands here on this first happening and the project:

By way of a very brief summary, the project will run for a year and culminate in a major happening at next year's Pittenweem Arts Festival.

1878 and a series of inexplicable visions will focus on Kellie Castle and, in particular, a night in September 1878 when the Lorimer family spent their first night there.

One of the Lorimer children, Louise, wrote of her memories of a crumbling castle, taken over by rooks and owls, and how years of nesting in the chimneys had ended up with the nest material coming out of the fire places and "reaching out into the rooms".

On September the 25th we got the project under way - in a small way - by gathering up lots of sticks, twigs and feathers and building a creation inspired by that first sight encountered by Louise and family. We used the main fire place in the drawing room and the piece remained in place for a few days - with an explanation for other visitors!

Friday January 30th 2015




... and it's OWLS this year, as the knitters swoop down on their new charity fundraising project










Monday November 17th


Thursday September 19th 2014




Our Community Craft Project was the runner-up for Fife Voluntary Action's Partnership Award. Congratulations to all concerned.              









Video Links

As mentioned before, Summerhall TV the arts channel, was filming during the festival. Ben Grieve, the film-maker has rapidly edited the films and they're now up on Vimeo. Just click on each image and you'll be taken to that video. It's great to have these videos available and our thanks go to Summerhall and Ben.


Jean Duncan: Festival chair.                                        Anne Barclay at Ovenstone Studios.



Bruce Shaw.                                                                        Carol Campbell            



Lynne McGregor.                                                           Marian Leven

Final Weekend



Bob Anderson in pensive mood. Anne Butler, Elin Isaksson, and a young Isaksson upstaging art.



On West Shore, Duncan Monteith's chairs are admired and used. Further along, the Crepe Shack.



David Henderson in the sun and George Finley ready to explain Equilibrium.



Gina Wright makes clever use of a gazebo. The indefatigable Heather Cunningham, artist and Board member is cheerful, as always.



Monica Milton of Mi Jewellery almost outdoing Heather above and Claire Roche of Roche Designs, with Dianne King tucked away to the side, listen understandingly.


Susan McGill, Susie Lacome and Malcolm Cheape find fun in their venue, whilst Hilke MacIntyre smiles at the end of a close.



A visitor receives Sheila Tocher's advice and another thoughtfully regards Susan McGill's ceramics.



Taking a rest down at the harbour and two women in black are delighted with what they've bought.



Wednesday August 6th







Joyce Laing, one of the founders of the Pittenweem Arts Festival at the Steven Campbell exhibition.







Make sure you get your ticket for Carol's interview with Edi Stark; wine and refreshments are provided at the social afterwards.









Monday August 3rd

Media Interest

STV News at Six is filming a short piece on Tuesday for inclusion the same day or just after. 

Online arts TV station Art in Scotland, run from Summerhall Art Gallery, will also be at the festival, putting together a short film for inclusion on their channel.


Our best coverage  so far has been the excellent article by David Pollock in last Saturday's Scotsman. The article was helped out by extensive comments by Carol Campbell.

Remember, Carol will be interviewed by Edi Stark on Friday August 8th 7.00-9.30 at Steven's exhibition Venue 1; this will be followed by wine and refeshments. See booking details here.




Weekend moments


Hannah Fleming, sitting in at Barbara Fleming's studio whilst a visitor takes a close-up look at Fran Marquis's work nearby.



Glass artist Kathryn Neale at her venue. Pat Kramek has a larger venue to boldly display much larger work.



Bursary winner Thomas Cameron along with a visitor to his studio sometime garage.



Invited artist Marian Leven at her exhibition as two visitors approve of the work.



In another garage, Moyra Stewart's ceramics are on display alongside John Smith's wooden work. That's John in the background.




The Reaper prepares to leave Pittenweem Harbour after its weekend visit, hopefully without a comfortably settled visitor.



Sean Dooley and guests


Florence Royer of East Neuk Tales:    Climbing down carefully with wine, from Morag Muir


Jeremy Eccles' tastefully transformed horse box:    The ever-popular marquee at the harbour


Dugald MacInnes talking to someone out of shot:   A visitor experiencing one of Dugald's works


Craig Mitchell's ceramics drawing attention:    Barbara discussing Steven Campbell's work


Wednesday July 23rd

Sean Dooley, one of our invited artists tells us that the Independent Magazine in this Saturdays newspaper is featuring two of his pictures in their In The Frame section, relating them to the Pittenweem Arts Festival.

Click on the image to go to Sean's page and also try an Independent Saturday.




Friday July 4th

The run-up to the Festival with all its arrangements and infrastructure detail always gets a refreshing boost when the brochure comes out--and that happened today. So, get your copy from the Box Office or from selected outlets in and around Pittenweem.

News Archive

April 21st





The village is well known for its arts festival but, every April, many resident artists open their studios for a special Easter weekend; the village galleries, each with their distinctive style, are also open with their new exhibitions. We hope you will come to visit.

Saturday March 21st


Recent media coverage

It's always good to be in the media and we get our fair share of plugs and mentions. However, the recent article in the March issue of The Oldie  was particularly satisfying. It was an enthusiastic piece that well covered the Festival and we're sure will lead to increased interest. This same month saw another item in the Conde Nast Traveller magazine.








News Archive

Monday December 2nd


 Malcolm Cheape, local artist and regular exhibitor at the Festival, helped Primary 6/7 at Pittenweem Primary School to produce this group of cheery Christmas paintings. They were on show in ART@47 on Thursday when the school also sang carols in the High Street. Santa's Grotto also materialised in ART@47.

The exhibition will go up again for a longer stay on Saturday December 7th and Sunday 8th 11-4.00pm.

The artists, reading from the top are:

Alexandra Birrell, Amy Smith, Amy Brown, Bethia Swan, Billy Howie, Bruce Bowman, Caitlyn McNally, Euan Lillico, Owen McNally, Kirsty Bamrick, Lewis Herd, Maura Bush, Megan Adamson, Rory Hamilton, Ryan Gray, Sam Mutch and Stacey Blacklaw.





There's a fantastic opportunity to buy a Christmas Card made up of the paintings;  available at the exhibition. Copies will also be available from Funky Scottish and The Coach House Gallery from Monday 9th December.

Monday September 30th

Couthie Cushions raise a comfortable £1720 for charity


Pittenweem Arts Festival Community Craft Project completed its fifth year and more people than ever have contributed. This year not only knitters and crocheters took part, but quilters were also invited. They gave the cushion making project a new dimension with their craft.In all 112 cushions were made of which two-thirds were sold. Previous projects have been fish, tea cosies, hats and flowers.

The money raised this year went to Alzheimer Scotland, who will use their donation locally and East Neuk First Responders. They each received a cheque of £860.

To follow our projects log into the website of our local wool shop: www.thewoollybrew.co.uk.

Pittenweem Arts Festival Community Craft Projects have raised a total of £10,139 for local charities over the past 5 years.


Anne-Marijke Querido

Project co-ordinator


Tuesday August 20th

petites mains


We are delighted to open Art@47 to welcome the Petites Mains pop-up shop.

Featuring paintings, textiles, jewellery, cards and curios by Fife artists, Jennifer di Folco, Ann Landrock and Ruth Stiven.






Monday August 26th to Sunday September 1st


Monday 2nd September to Sunday 8th. 

10.00-6.00 daily






Friday August 16th

Philip at the car park; probably the first person you would meet at the Festival and the last as you left. We were just able to deal with the large number of visitors, especially at the opening weekend; unfortunately, there were some delays when many cars arrived at the same time.

Apart from these hitches, the festival ran splendidly. Not just our opinion but the one voiced by a great many festival- goers. It's difficult to get an accurate estimation of visitors but judging by the car park, it was probably our largest attendance yet. 

Artists throughout the festival reported healthy sales and were glad of an opportunity to discuss their work with buyers and the others who were interested. We were pleased too with the success of our headline invited artists and the talks they gave.

All in all, blessed with the most favourable weather we've had for a few years, things seemed to work out well for a very large number of people.

For us, the organisers of the festival, everything was made possible by the hard work put in by our volunteers, the Festival office staff and the infrastucture team: many thanks to everyone involved.

Get in touch with us if you have something to say about your visit to the Festival.

The group below were only too happy.


Thursday August 8th

STV ran a short item on Wednesday featuring enamellist Lewis Banks, storyteller John Taylor and artists Malcolm Cheape and Tim Cockburn.

Monday August 5th

Festival Review

Overused phrase it may be, but here’s another festival that really does have something for everyone

This is how Sue Wilson ends an enthusiastic review in Monday's Scotsman. You can read it in full here. After a glorious weekend which provided one of our largest visitor numbers, the exhibiting artists still have work for sale. Or, just come and look around: Pittenweem's a marvellous place.

There's still time to book for Keith Brockie's talk and  Brigid Collins workshop; see the programme for further details of these and other events.

Monday July 29th

Open Art Exhibition Entries and more

We've had a record 56 artists submitting 112 works of art to the Open Art Exhibition; submissions closed at the weekend. It's good to see that there are so many people taking advantage of this rare opportunity to display work to thousands of visitors. Reports indicate that there are some really impressive pieces at very reasonable prices.

We're beginning the hanging of the exhibitions of our invited artists and throughout the village there are many more artists preparing their shows. The bunting's going up, the traffic signs are in place, the car park is getting white-lined and so on...

Ticket sales for events are going strongly, with Ruth Robinson's Geowalk being the first to sell out. Take a look at our programme to see what you'd enjoy.

March 29-31, 2013: Pittenweem Artists and Galleries Weekend

Spring is a great time to visit Pittenweem in the East Neuk of Fife. The village is well known for its arts festival, but every April many resident artists open their studios for the Easter weekend to show new work. 

The galleries also open their Spring exhibitions, showing a wide range of Scottish painters and craft artists. Venues and galleries are dotted around the village within easy walking distance. Look out for the Pittenweem Artists & Galleries poster outside each venue.

Views of the sea, harbour and ancient wynds are all part of an enjoyable day out. Collect a map at any venue on arrival.

Nov 21 - Dec 2 2012: Pittenweem Primary Prints Exhibition




A Christmas exhibition, showing the work of our school’s Primary 6 & 7, opens in ART@47.

Pittenweem artist Sheila Mitchell led the class in a printing workshop with exciting results. Twenty prints, inspired by a Christmas theme, form the second exhibition to be held in the festival’s recently renovated space. Encouraging all ages to be involved in creative activities is one of the festival’s aims.

A Christmas card has been designed using the children’s work and will be on sale with the proceeds going to the school.

The Christmas lights switch-on and carol singing in the square precede the opening of the exhibition on Wednesday. All are welcome!



Sep 30 - Oct 14 2012: Pittenweem Exhibition

After the formal opening, with its accompanying crowd, the first ART@47 exhibition Pittenweem, has seen a further impressive number of visitors through the doors.

Reactions have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. The exhibition itself has been praised, covering as it does the work of many fine artists from within Pittenweem and in a wide range of styles. Added to this has been the positive appreciation of the gallery space as the setting. We were so pleased with this response that we have decided to keep the exhibition open for another week until 14th October.

We have already had a number of enquiries about hiring the space for art exhibitions and workshops outside of festival time. This has always been the purpose of ART@47; a resource for the community and artists to use and enjoy. Contact the Festival office to find out more.


Sep 30 2012: ART@47 Formal Opening


Festival patron Sir Menzies Campbell, just before he untied the ribbon to reveal our commemorative plaque.

Sir Ming, as he is familiarly known, expressed his enthusiasm for the Festival, marking out how the Festival has been a long-running success for the village and also for Fife and Scotland. He particularly appreciated how 85% of the work done on our refurbishment was by local tradespeople. He wished the Festival well as it moves on to stage not just future festivals but adds, with ART@47, a resource that will benefit the local community.



Now for the obligatory committee photograph. Taken on the day, we have, from the left: Barbara Fleming Board, Robin McKenzie Board, Jean Duncan Chair, Fiona Cathcart Treasurer, Joyce Laing one of the Festival founders, Duncan Stirling architectural consultant, Hilke MacIntyre Visual Arts Committee member, Sir Menzies Campbell, Stella Ross Board, Kerr Cowan Company Secretary, Heather Cunningham Board.

Photograph by Jack Pritchard



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